How To Buy The Perfect Dancing Shoe

Posted by Burju Shoes on Dec 26th 2018

How to Buy the Perfect Dancing Shoe If you’ve had it with buying beautiful shoes that kill your feet, or comfortable shoes that are downright unattractive, you’ve come to the right place. Burju shoes are made for dancers, by dancers. Whether you’re blowing up the dance floor or dancing in the street, these award-winning, Dancing With The Stars-featured, elegant and agreeable shoes can take you there. With Burju you never face the dilemma o...
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How To Choose The Right Dancing Shoes

Posted by Burju Shoes on Nov 2nd 2018

The kind of footwear you use greatly influences the manner in which you dance. And if you’re a beginner, your dancing shoes can determine how you feel about dancing in general and how quickly you learn the footwork involved. Naturally, buying and using the right dancing shoes is of paramount importance. Here are some tips that can help you pick the right shoes to match your requirements.Get Shoes in the Right SizeThe size of your dancing shoes ha...
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How To Dance In High Heels - Without Injury

Posted by Burju Shoes on Nov 2nd 2018

Ever wondered how Beyoncé pulled off those sick dance moves while wearing high heels? Well, she isn't called "Queen B" for nothing.But beyond her obvious oozing talents, Beyonce could sashay in those 6-inch heels because she actually trained how to do it. It means she practiced it many times and took proper measures so she won't get injured.Yes, it is not a physical impossibility to slay the dance floor while wearing your favorite pair of spikes....
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